Next-Generation Network Services

Next-Generation Network Services

Today's business environment is more competitive—and complex—than ever before. Customer service is the key to success. And demand is growing for powerful new communications services as a strategic way to enhance customer service and build a competitive edge. At the center of these new services is the next-generation network (NGN).

What is a next-generation network? It's the next step in world communications, traditionally enabled by three separate networks: the public switched telephone network (PSTN) voice network, the wireless network and the data network (the Internet). NGNs converge all three of these networks—voice, wireless, and the Internet—into a common packet infrastructure. This intelligent, highly efficient infrastructure delivers universal access and a host of new technologies, applications, and service opportunities.

Three types of services drive NGNs: real-time and non real-time communication services, content services, and transaction services. The services-driven NGN gives service providers greater control, security, and reliability while reducing their operating costs. Service providers can quickly and cost-effectively build new revenue.

Built on open modular elements, standard protocols, and open interfaces, the NGN caters to the specific needs of all users—enterprises, remote offices, telecommuters, and small office/home office (SOHO) customers. It unites traditional wireline and wireless voice, video, and data using a packet-based transport. The new class of services it enables is more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient than services that have been offered in the past.

One key NGN service is voice portal, which provide callers with anywhere, anytime access to information like news, weather, stock quotes, and account balances using simple voice commands and any telephone. Voice portals are poised to become the Next Big Thing in communications. The organizations using them will have a very real edge in the marketplace—differentiating themselves from their competitors, attracting loyal customers, and growing their revenues.

Whether you're looking to build, integrate, or sell any kind of voice-based service for the next-generation network, Intel has the hardware, software, and services for next-generation network solutions, including a complete voice portal platform. Intel® technology enables companies to develop and deploy speech-enabled telephony applications, like voice portals, that make the most of current technology to deliver voice commands with the highest accuracy and best performance.

Next-generation Network Benefits
• More Choices—Open systems promote multiple-vendor participation in the marketplace.
• Lower Costs—Solutions built on open standards cut development time for solution providers.
• Innovative Services—Working to standards frees developers to concentrate on adding value.
• Lower Risk—Compatibility with products and technologies from many suppliers decreases the risk of ownership.

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